Grow the Game Central

“The game of golf itself is greater than the industry that governs it.”



“A world with too many golfers”



 “To create a worldwide community for like-minded people to share, discuss and support grow the game of golf initiatives.”


We all are aware of the current challenges being faced in the golf industry. National and international governing bodies are trying to combat issues such as declining participation and the ageing demographic of players, while trying to attract a new generation of players into the game.


The ‘industry’ is like a big ship trying to change course to steer away from crashing into the rocks while trying to outrun a major storm.


It is a slow, tedious process to change direction quickly and in the end our ship still may not escape hitting the rocks. Hopefully it has taken the right course of action but we won’t really know until the storm has passed.


Grow the Game Central is all about taking a ‘grass roots’, ‘bottom up’ approach to supporting the numerous grow the game initiatives happening  worldwide. Some initiatives are being instigated by governing bodies or various golf clubs and others by golf entrepreneurs in various locations around the globe.


The strength, motivation and passion of many individuals working together can be very powerful and can eventually impart change


You could say individuals are like little speed boats. They can change direction and speed up or slow down as required. They can also take a variety of routes to arrive at their final destination.


By themselves, they may not be big enough to make the overarching changes necessary for the industry as a whole. But, if we can all navigate in the same direction and with same purpose, we can be very powerful and achieve growth.



Many grow the game initiatives being trialled today have great merit but don’t garner enough financial support to get off the ground.


Our Grow The Game Central web platform has been designed to connect anyone who is serious about growing the game.


Here is how you can get involved now!



Join our on-line forum to discuss what is happening locally and internationally with growing the game of golf. 


Send us news or best practices from your part of the world. There is great strength in sharing knowledge.


Not sure how to help grow the game? Support an initiative happening anywhere in the world.



We are at an evolutionary stage in the game’s existence. Now is the time to foster the creativity, entrepreneurship of a strong community network.


We can leave our dependency on growing the game to the governing bodies or we can get involved and personally make a difference.


Grow The Game Central connects like-minded people in the golf world who love the game, make a living off the game and/or are passionate about growing the popularity of the game.


It’s time individual golfers, clubs, facilities and commercial entities all take an active role in promoting and ensuring the ongoing health of our sport.


With a grass roots approach, when the grass grows high enough it does get noticed!


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