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  • Item For Sale  -  More infoGolf operations Manual - $69.00
    The manual covers all areas of golf operations and can be used to train all staff at your facility. Sent in WORD format so you can edit and personalise to your specific facility. Contact Golf Industry Central for further details or to purchase click on "Add to cart" Full facility manual available for $99

    Location: Anywhere, Other
  • Item For Sale  -  More infoMANUAL - The Complete Membership Director - $75.00
    Learn How to Enroll and Retain More Private Club Memberships in any Economic Environment! The Complete Membership Director tells the story and the process of how I did it and how I am doing it today. I generated the leads, scheduled the tours, followed-up, followed-up, followed-up, sold each membership and then received a member referral (or three). This club guide is not foolproof or guaranteed. It's just my experiences, in the trenches, being wildly successful, selling private club memberships for a living. And a great living it's been! Country clubs, city clubs, tennis clubs and athletic clubs - my life in the club biz since 1977. Click here for details and to purchase direct

    Location: WORLDWIDE, Other
  • Item For Sale  -  More infoRevenue Generation Best Practices Manual - $69.00
    A 38-page manual outlining various tee sheet management strategies, revenue generation idea and other golf and non golf events that you can conduct in your buy and slow periods. A must have for any golf facility. Contact Golf Industry Central for more information or to purchase click on "Add to cart"

    Location: Anywhere, Other
  • Item For Sale  -  More infoBook: Murder and Mayhem at Old Bunbury - $25.00
    2010 – New Release Puts Humorous Spin on Murder Mystery Murder and Mayhem at Old Bunbury: A Clive and Esther Tale of Humor and Intrigue is released by author Clive Endive Ogive IV This clever tale is another perceptive look into the wonderful and fascinating world of private clubs. Board of Directors President Clive Ogive and waitress-extraordinaire Esther team up again, this time to solve a gruesome murder at one of the world’s most private clubs – the Old Bunbury Golf Links & Reading Club. These colorful characters, first introduced in Ogive’s Private Clubs in America and Around the World, once again give readers a behind-the scenes look at the exclusive world of private clubs. The author’s insights, off-beat humor and wit provide plenty of humorous moments – and political jabs as well. Murder and Mayhem at Old Banbury provides a tongue-in-cheek tale about private clubs, which have significant influences throughout U.S. history and the present. From the moment police and other officials arrive to investigate longtime member Alfie Johnsons’s demise on the golf course, the club is thrown into mayhem. The case has plenty of suspects: Johnson’s three ex-wives, loan sharks and husbands of married women he entertained all had motive to do away with him. So why is Clive not relieved when Esther says she’ll investigate on her own? Old Bunbury is rocked by multiple arrests and an assault before the tale comes to its surprising conclusion. Author Clive Endive Ogive IV belongs to at least 18 exclusive private clubs. This is his second book. For more information, Click here for more details and to purchase

    Location: Online, Other
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