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REST THE STRESS: epar’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ launched to tackle top EHS risks

POSTED ON January 29, 2020 @ 11:53 am

epar is identifying and implementing solutions to the EHS Dirty Dozen within YOUR company!

International industry leader in EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) management epar, is set to further streamline risk assessment and management for businesses in 2020 by launching a new campaign identifying the most prevalent workplace risk activities and worries for their customers.

The unsurpassed EHS management company and its innovative Connect 2.0 platform with over 1,500 users has assisted businesses to identify, foresee and manage health and safety risks since 2003, and continuously designs and creates new management systems to help minimize risks and concerns within the workforce.

The Dirty Dozen

This industry-first campaign will target and resolve the top 12 most prevalent and worrying EHS risk activities which present the most risk and the most stress to epar customers.

During the campaign, epar staff will address one of the Dirty Dozen issues every month and update your Connect 2.0 program. Therefore, in order to be able to participate in the campaign, the customers will need to Connect 2.0 because of the “Live” Risk Register.

The campaign will:

  • Provide the relevant EHS document/s you need in your Connect 2.0 system to address each of the 12 most significant risks;
  • Assign the relevant document/s to your staff through your Connect 2.0 platform for their acknowledgement;
  • Add the activity to your “Live” risk register AND insert the risk controls to manage that risk so that regulatory 
agencies and insurers can view your risk register anytime;
  • If required to manage the risk, we will assign a training session for your staff in the Training Academy.

The “Dirty Dozen” campaign will accelerate your EHS governance and help you ‘rest the stress’ of 12 high-risk activities that are worrying you the most.

Quickly and efficiently address these areas before they affect your business and your staff negatively.

Earlier this year epar launched the Connect 2.0, a next-generation online cloud-based interactive compliance management ecosystem of 14 apps, built to become a club’s central application for compliance. The now widely used program is a carefully crafted digital ecosystem created to solve an important environment, safety and sustainability problems.

Recently, in line with the company’s commitment to fulfilling even more customer expectations by providing high-quality products and services that are of value to each individual client, epar engineered a new toggle switch feature into the Connect 2.0 platform called Connect Lite, ideal for smaller entities and businesses.

Connect Lite

The new Connect Lite program is available at a more flexible price point and allows for clubs and establishments to turn preferred apps on and off, enabling clients to select only the EHS features that they need at any given time and location, and to add nominated features only when required.

The new, lighter program version is ideal for regional and country clubs’ EHS management system and includes app solutions that represent a minimum for good governance

This year, epar is devoted to further streamline the EHS management for their already existing Connect 2.0 and Connect Lite customers by launching the Dirty Dozen campaign, identifying the 12 most prevalent risks for each company.

To find out more about epar, epar Connect 2.0 and Connect Lite please visit or, OR contact Terry Muir on

ABOUT epar

epar is a team of EHS experts who can provide your business with a complete EHS management solution.

epar has managed and revolutionised the complex world of environment and safety management since 2003, and are unique in the level of advanced research and development relating specifically to a sustainable workplace.

The company has quickly become a leading provider of EHS management solutions within Australia and internationally, with an experienced team who are passionate about ensuring businesses understand their legal responsibilities, and are practically achieving their goals.

At epar it starts with the best team and the best compliance materials and carries through to the best software and document design and better delivery methods – all with the philosophy that their customers deserve the best.

Because every golf business has the potential for greatness.

epar needs your help

Tell us YOUR Dirty Dozen so that we can get to work for you now rather than you suffer the stress of not addressing the risk.

If you had to list your EHS Dirty Dozen at YOUR company, would any of the following activities make your list?

If so, please tick them and let us know. If you have other activities that you would like us to address as part of the Dirty Dozen Campaign, please list them in the blank table below.

New Epar Connect Lite – now affordable for small and regional clubs

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