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epar V offers easy and safe check-in at the touch of a button

POSTED ON August 14, 2020 @ 3:32 pm

epar V

Stay safe, stay separated, stay connected.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, world-leading EHS (environment, health and safety) expert epar has developed a cloud-based mobile check-in application allowing clubs and facilities contactless patron sign-in, and tracking at the touch of a button.


Recently, hospitality operations, both big and small, have been busy adapting their workplaces and processes to ensure they are Covid-19 safe for re-opening.

In the current and future Covid-19 regulatory climate, it will be near impossible to be able to deliver your services and return to full operations without first having an understanding of your level of risk and security in respect to workers and customers.

To support the community and sports turf industry during this challenging time, epar has created a new environment, health and safety app. Being able track patron numbers and to virtually covid safecommunicate with customers has never been more important.

This new technology turns every smartphone into a safety and social distancing device and will be imperative for clubs and venues in monitoring their allowance capacity and to communicate with patrons while maintaining adequate and safe distance. 


The Venue digital doorman (V) is the ultimate visitor, volunteer, and patron management app. No more guessing who (or how many) is onsite, the real-time Manager Dashboard provides visibility for visitors, volunteers, and your employees plus multiple reporting options are available.

This is the modern and fast management for all your visitors, volunteers, and employees to sign in and sign out.

How does it work?

Download the app from the app or google store. Enter your name, email and telephone number to register. You only need to register once and you are registered in the system for auto check-in.

Entry check-in is automated via geo-fencing or QR Code with also Bluetooth Beacon and NFC (pay-wave) options available.

Once registered on the app, the user simply walks into the site, no queues, no paper. Covid messages will appear on the screen for the user to acknowledge. All they need to do is click OK to be checked in. Any site-specific documents or information will automatically transfer into the user’s dashboard. The exact time of entry and departure is recorded in a secure database.

Venue management can maintain contact with every person on their site and communicate important messages to them at any time.

The system monitors near real time proximity clusters and social distancing breaches are sent to the user Dashboard for response.

The V does not only offer fast and easy check in at the touch of a button, but a host of other features including:

  • Live Web Dashboard that is also mobile friendly
  • Message staff and visitors from the app
  • Send alerts to staff and visitors from the app
  • Send documents to staff and visitors from the app
  • See where staff and visitors are on your site from the Dashboard Map
  • Social Distance Alerts Monitor “live” on the Dashboard
  • SOS Function for Emergency Response
  • Visitor Counter
  • Instant Check out
  • Customer Satisfaction Feature
  • Monitor Single or Multiple Sites from the one Dashboard

epar knows everyone is looking for Covid-19 clarity right now and they’re here to help you find it.

Make your visitors feel welcome and safe with epar’s contactless sign-in application and put control back into the hands of your organisation.


Early last year epar launched the Connect 2.0, a next-generation online cloud-based interactive compliance management ecosystem of 16 apps, built to become a club’s central application for compliance. The now widely used program is a carefully crafted digital ecosystem created to solve important environment, safety and sustainability problems.

What the leading EHS company has created isn’t just an app, but a reduction in information overload, relief from stress, and a new ability to track and report on EHS status.

The innovation also permits General Managers and Superintendents to assign training programs to staff and track their training and competency. It allows you to access and add a variety of hazard and incident response tasks, and with the addition of a new ALERT function, General Managers or Superintendents are able to send immediate hazard alerts or send compliance tips daily to their staff members.


Not long after, in line with the company’s commitment to fulfilling even more customer expectations by providing high-quality products and services that are of value to each individual client, epar engineered a new toggle switch feature into the Connect 2.0 platform called Connect Lite, ideal for smaller entities and businesses.

The new Connect Lite program is available at a more flexible price point and allows for clubs and establishments to turn preferred apps on and off, enabling clients to select only the EHS features that they need at any given time and location, and to add nominated features only when required.

The new, lighter program version is ideal for regional and country clubs’ EHS management system and includes app solutions that represent a minimum for good governance.

To find out more about epar, epar Connect 2.0 and Connect Lite please visit OR contact Terry Muir at

ABOUT epar

epar is a team of EHS experts who can provide your business with a complete EHS management solution.

epar has managed and revolutionised the complex world of environment and safety management since 2003, and are unique in the level of advanced research and development relating specifically to a sustainable workplace.

The company has quickly become a leading provider of EHS management solutions within Australia and internationally, with an experienced team who are passionate about ensuring businesses understand their legal responsibilities and are practically achieving their goals.

At epar it starts with the best team and the best compliance materials and carries through to the best software and document design and better delivery methods – all with the philosophy that their customers deserve the best.

Because every golf business has the potential for greatness.

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